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What A Trip!

Oh, hello there! Welcome to my new time-travel blog. Are you ready for an adventure? We're going to travel to just about any place in the world and any time in history that you can imagine.

Do you have a suggestion for a place to go? For a person to meet? For a time to visit? Let me know on the homepage!

So hop in the Flogtrac, and buckle up, as we journey through history and try our best not to trip our way into accidentally changing the past. It's not always easy being a time traveler, especially when you're as coordinated as a penguin on roller skates.

Along the way, we'll visit all sorts of amazing places and meet some super incredible historical figures. We might even learn some things along the way.

So come along and join the fun! We can't wait to see where our journey through time takes us. Who said history has to be boring?

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